Julia Woodhall

Fine Artist

I have always drawn and painted, probably even before school age. Watching my Dad make daily doodles on his newspaper, putting pen or pencil to paper seemed completely natural to me. I found this skill a bonus at school, becoming popular with the others because I would make drawings for them. My mum and her sisters are very creative, always knitting and sewing so I was initiated to these skills early too. Thinking and creating objects, drawings, paintings, toys and clothes luckily a vital part of my life.

My association with The Northern Fringe Gallery began at an exhibition of my 100 day painting project at Joseph Locke House, Barnsley. On January 1st 2016 I created the first of 100 paintings which I then consecutively posted to both Facebook and Twitter. This would be a diary of sort’s whatever activity I was taking part in each day would be my subject. Feelings about and materials used were documented too. On completion the 100 works were framed and these texts were added to the glass.

I am a retired Art teacher/tutor, now devoting time to my own practice and leading groups of artists to develop and improve their skills as part of The Northern Fringe Gallery.

At the age of 35 I took up formal education in order to develop my skills. My passion for all things ‘art’ lead me to Leeds University where I graduated at 40 years of age.

Immediately I took up a position at Barnsley College teaching Fine Art Degree students the intricacies of ‘life drawing’, going on to become ‘Course Leader’ Art & Design over the  course of ten years. I studied P.G.C.E. Cert Ed at Sheffield Hallam University and during my employment at Barnsley College I attended a week long educational internship at Tate Modern, London. I have recently held painting courses in France. As a member of The Northern Fringe Gallery I have worked alongside The British Museum, London delivering a project for their Age Friendly Day Oct 2018.

I have had the pleasure to teach painting and craft skills such as textiles, lino printing, ceramics, graphics, 3D metal and wood, to a diverse range of student. Teenagers, mature students, degree students and special needs have all been part of my teaching practice.

I currently have work on show at Wentworth Woodhouse, Rotherham and have had my work included in exhibitions at Dean Clough Gallery, Halifax, Pontefract Library and Leeds Art Fair.+

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