Harry Crew

Author and friend of The Northern Fringe

I first met Brian Lewis 1996/7 when I collaborated with him, Reini  and team writing ‘The Story of a House’ which told the story of Askham Grange. In 1947 this building and grounds had become the first open prison for women and our book was essentially about the women who lived and the staff who worked there.

Some four years ago Brian and I renewed contact which resulted in him applying ‘gentle’ pressure upon me to write my own biography with the account of how I accidentally became a prison governor. With his help and that of Alison Dempster, Ang Lewis and John Young I finally went to print with ‘Prisons I have known’ the proceeds of sales going to the charity Women in Prison.

Subsequently although I have produced no visual art I have enjoyed the work which others of the Northern Fringe Gallery have shown and appreciate the continuing relationship helping where I can, supporting funding applications and sourcing opportunities for the gallery.”

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