Brian Lewis

Writer, Artist, Thinker

I paint and offer my work for sale because my wife Reini Schuhle and I collect art works and in that way invest in fellow artists. I sold my first painting when I was 17 years old and the buzz of knowledge which comes when you know that something you have created is entering a different environment continues to excite me. I love working with other artists.

I am a political artist. My best works has appeared when society faces challenges or needs a graphic artist. I created a lot of material during the 1984 Miners’ Strike, the development of The Peace Movement and Brexit. I also publish and illustrate books and when working with the printer Edward Leathem, create Concertina Books.

I was short listed for the Ruskin Prize. The theme was an innovative approach to landscape painting. (I was in the last 14 out of 400) I was also Birmingham’s First Poet Laureate and created relative drawings which supported the multi-unit texts.

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