Eddie Leathem

Treasurer and friend of The Northern Fringe

Eddie generously gives his time and energy to The Northern Fringe Gallery.

Eddie Leathem is one of the lynch pins of the Northern Fringe Gallery. His energy and organisational skills make it possible for the artists to create work with the confidence that Eddie will cooly and calmly transport, work out the logistics and other practicalities involved in putting on an exhibition.

Exhibitions and events facilitated by Eddie.

Here you will see evidence of Eddie’s hardwork.

Blogs By Eddie

Here you will find blogs featuring Eddie, events and news.

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The Northern Fringe Gallery is always on the look out for exhibition space and potential events.

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Meet Our Artists

The Northern Fringe Gallery is a place in Barnsley and a bowl full of ideas.

Julia Woodhall

Fine Artist

Barbara Smith

Glass Artist

Harry Crew

Author & Friend Of Northern Fringe

Pamela A Briggs

Fine Artist

Brian Lewis

Author, Painter, Author, Conceptual Artist

Reini Schuhle-Lewis

Textile artist

Paul Iwanyckyi

Fine Artist

Harry Malkin

Painter, Sculptor, Conceptual Artist

Eddie Leathem

Treasurer & Friend Of Northern Fringe