About Us

The Northern Fringe Gallery is a place in Barnsley where your ideas and skills will develop and grow.

About Us

The Northern Fringe Gallery is a place in Barnsley and a bowl full of ideas.We are artists, writers and people with a passion for making art and sharing ideas.

We are now proud to say we have a new venue in Barnsley and are enormously thankful to the National Lottery for providing us with the funds to occupy Room 5, Fairfield House, Churchfield, Barnsley.

Our members are from all walks of northern life, each taking an unconventional path into the ‘arts’. We are an alternative to the establishment and are finding venues and galleries, even creating our own spaces in  to hold our exhibitions.

Our Hokusai Adventure

Katsushika Hokusai Adventure. The British Museum’s 2017 exhibition was the spark for us to create work inspired by the Japanese artist and Japan’s culture.

We took on a challenge to be like Hokusai and create a body of individual works over the 80 days of the Museum’s exhibition.

Knowing that we were capable of the output since in a previous project at 75 years of age Brian made 1000 drawings in one year honouring Kaksushika Hokusai. Brian created a vast collection of black and white ink drawings along with watercolours with subject matter ranging from landscapes to abstract to politically driven imagery.

Julia’s involvement in the Hokusai project rests on her ability to create good quality paintings over a sustained period as demonstrated by the ‘100’ day challenge.

Although Julia previously hadn’t studied Hokusai or Japanese Art in great depth but her thirst for knowledge drove her to look further into these subjects and develop new ways and styles of working. Yayoi Kusama is currently Japanese Art’s Queen of the polka dot was seen to be of interest and so Julia experimented by incorporating dots into her work. Unlike Hokusai’s woodcut techniques Julia’s work is painted, watercolour and acrylic and some in cases household emulsion. Looking at how Japanese calligraphers use sweeping brush strokes to create individual letters or symbols also inspired her to use inks in a fluid way.

            Consequently this new collection could be seen as another visual diary, made up of ‘cherries’ painted during a short break in France, ‘my town centre’ as seen through the gallery window, ‘fig leaves’ growing at  Julia’s Mum’s home, ‘poppies’ grown in her garden.

About our gallery in The Ridings

What was previously a commercial outlet has now been transformed into a gallery space by our volunteers Sally, Nick and Eddie. The 100 Objects project is currently housed there. Thanks to Mark Smith and Axisweb for initially sourcing the venue for us.

Our relationship with The British Museum strengthened from our Hokusai Adventure and our artists then began to create works who’s starting point is the objects chosen by British Museum Director Neil MacGregor for the 2010/12 BBC Radio 4 programme ‘A History of the World in 100 Objects’.  Artists were invited to choose one of the objects that inspires an artwork based on their response to the object within the context of living and working in the North.

Whats On

View our projects, exhibitions and workshops here.

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Meet Our Artists

The Northern Fringe Gallery is a place in Barnsley and a bowl full of ideas.

Julia Woodhall

Fine Artist

Barbara Smith

Glass Artist

Harry Crew

Author & Friend Of Northern Fringe

Pamela A Briggs

Fine Artist

Brian Lewis

Author, Painter, Author, Conceptual Artist

Reini Schuhle-Lewis

Textile artist

Paul Iwanyckyi

Fine Artist

Harry Malkin

Painter, Sculptor, Conceptual Artist

Eddie Leathem

Treasurer & Friend Of Northern Fringe